Tour cost

However, for some reasons there were not many foreign tourists coming to Vietnam for motorcycle tour before year 2000. At that time some tourists who wanna do a motorbike tour in Vietnam they have to do by them self by renting a scooters , buying a road map and ride away from the city regardless of risk and unsafety. They had no choice because there were no motorbike tour companies before year 2000 here.

Long, Chung and Cuong are some of the first Hanoi motorcyclists. they are the pioneers in Hanoi who let foreign tourists rent motorbike and show them the good routes to ride, also suggest them where to stay and what to see during the expedition.

In 2004, three of them decided to found Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert Co. Ltd. The company firstly organized only short motorbike tours (1 day to 3 or 4 days) in northern Vietnam. Up to now, with dozen years of experience,Vietnam Motorbike Tour expert could offer much longer motorbike tours to any part of Vietnam. In addition, the company can organize another types of adventure tours in Vietnam by Jeep, 4WD, Bus… . We have the services well improved day after day therefore just come to have a tour with us and you will get the right value for your money!